Samsung introduces Bedtime VR Stories Virtual Reality app

Bedtime VR Stories

It’s around night time and your kids shout along for a bed time story, you are tired and can’t make up/read a bedtime story for your kid to dream alongside you or you busy with any work or can’t make it to home today, don’t fret it! Cause Samsung has a solution for you.

Samsung comes along with a great new “Bedtime VR Stories app”, currently in a testing phase and only available to some families in the UK. “Bedtime VR Stories app” will only be accessible on the Samsung’s Gear VR. This app will take you and your kid floating inside a dream where you and your kid can enjoy being virtually present in a magical world.

To run the Bedtime VR Stories app, you would require two Samsung’s Gear VR headsets, one for the parent and one for his/her kid and from there onwards both can enjoy a translucent magical world where the stories will be read making you and your kid being virtually present inside.

Although this seems quite fun to do, it may have some criticisms from parents as well. For one, the luminous bright screen of the VR may make you and your kid feel less sleepy afterwards and will affect overall health if not getting enough sleep.  

According to Engadget’s Devindra Hardawar, the VR also emits a blue light emissions that may affect you and your kid sleep cycle too.

Although the effect of sleep deprivation afterwards if used before bedtime, the Bedtime Stories app will surely be an entertainment for both the parent and the kid as well and may prove to be quite successful for parents with busy time schedules.

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