SteamVR Compatibility Might Not Be Ready For Windows VR Launch

While Microsoft has announced that SteamVR will be compatible with their upcoming Mixed Reality Windows VR headsets, launching alongside the Fall Creators Update for Windows 10, it seems like SteamVR users should not rejoice just yet.

According to a new report, Microsoft’s Greg Sullivan announced during Berlin based IFA 2017 tech trade show that that the SteamVR support would not be ready for the 17th October availability of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Sullivan also couldn’t confirm exactly when SteamVR would be compatible with Windows VR headsets but judging from what he said, the work on bringing both these platforms together has only just begun and customers might be looking at a long road ahead before they can fully enjoy SteamVR content on Microsoft’s headsets.

However, despite the delay, VR fans who jump on the Microsoft VR headset wagon still have a lot of content to look forward to as Microsoft has announced a significant list of VR experiences which will be available when SteamVR is supported on the hardware which includes games and 360 video platforms.

While Microsoft didn’t go into details regarding the SteamVR compatibility, it is possible both Microsoft and Valve will work on an OpenVR driver to allow the usage of SteamVR on Windows VR headsets similar to what is already being done in some cases for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Valve had the foresight to create OpenVR at the time when it did and judging by the numerous VR headsets popping up in the market now, it was a great move on their part to deliver cross-platform compatibility to users.

These apps and companies supporting Windows VR headsets amount to more than 67 titles right now including games like Minecraft which aren’t available on Steam right now as well as upcoming VR experiences like Ark Park and the highly acclaimed Superhot VR.

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