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  • How To Make Your iPad 2 Faster

    How To Make Your iPad 2 Faster

    Over time, all technology starts to become obsolete and in the case of gadgets like smartphones, tablets and laptops, this appears in the form of your device slowing down. Apple’s iPad 2 is no exception to that and those who are still using the iPad 2 tablet must have been experiencing slowdowns for quite some […]

  • How To Speed Up iOS Device After iOS 11 Update

    How To Speed Up iOS Device After iOS 11 Update

    With the launch of Apple’s latest iOS firmware, iOS 11, while many devices have benefited from the new features and functionality of the OS, there are also numerous reports of issues with the firmware such as incredibly fast battery drain and iOS devices slowing down after installing iOS 11. While we have previously covered how […]

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  • How To Improve Battery Life After Upgrading To iOS 11

    While Apple tries to improve battery life of their devices with each new firmware, there have been considerable reports that with iOS 11 update, all Apple devices running the latest firmware are suffering from major battery drainage issues. It seems like the battery on devices running iOS 11 drains at least twice as fast as […]

  • Apple gadgets and accessories

    Apple Accessories And Gadgets – All The New Tech Announced During iPhone Keynote Event

    Apple’s iPhone keynote event held some nice surprises, even after the iOS 11 leaks revealed that identity of the next iPhone, which was to be named iPhone X after the smartphone’s 10th anniversary. However, Apple still had some tricks up their sleeve and the iPhone keynote event 2017 did not disappoint thanks to the number […]

  • Apple iPhone X reveal

    Apple iPhone X Reveal – Under The Hood Of Apple’s Latest Flagship Smartphone

    Apple’s big reveal from yesterday’s keynote event, the Apple iPhone X, definitely created some waves in the current smartphone market. Not only does the device shake up the current iPhone formula with a completely new design, performance and features, it also happens to be one of the most expensive smartphones available. While that is cannon […]

  • Apple iPhone X keynote event

    Apple iPhone X Keynote Event Roundup – All The Reveals In One Place

    The highly anticipated Apple keynote event finally happened and the tech giant came forward with a lot of new announcements, including the Apple iPhone X among other devices and Apple accessories. While the announcement of smartphones was expected, Apple fans were treated to a lot of new and unexpected things as well which has once […]

  • iPhone 8 OLED

    Samsung Remains The Sole iPhone 8 OLED Supplier For Apple

    There is no denying that Samsung is one of the best, if not the best, smartphone OLED manufacturer in the market right now. Because of this very reason, other companies including Apple tend to purchase displays from them. However, with the upcoming launch of iPhone 8 or iPhone X, it seems like Apple will have […]