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  • Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go Involved in Armed Robbery Spree

    The Police Force in O’Fallon, Missouri are investigating a series of armed robberies that are believed to be carried out by robbers who used the Pokemon Go smartphone app to lure their victims into their trap. Pokemon Go Involved in Armed Robbery Spree Police has already arrested four suspects who are accused of using Pokemon […]

  • Best Augmented Reality Games for iOS and Android

    Through Augmented Reality technology, you can enjoy many games, using the Augmented Reality concept, on your iOS or Android device. AR games have been around for longer than VR games due to its easy access. You just need a camera and a device which can play AR based games and you are good to go.There […]

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  • Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality

    Virtual Reality Vs. Augmented Reality – Difference Between

    Technology is advancing faster than we can ever imagine. Technology available now would not have possibly existed 10 years ago. With ultra HD video, high speed networks, 4K 3D displays and now virtual reality PC gaming, the possibilities just keep growing and growing. Virtual Reality is the trend among developers and gaming enthusiasts these says […]