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  • Google Drive

    Google Discontinuing Google Drive Storage To Introduce Two New Options

    Google has announced that it is discontinuing its online backup storage platform Google Drive, used by millions to create online backups of their virtual media including documents, photos and videos. However, there really isn’t any cause for concern as it seems like this isn’t exactly a shutdown of the service but more like a restructuring […]

  • Android Oreo bug

    New Android Oreo Bug Incurs Heavy Internet Costs By Using Mobile Data

    While Google has officially unveiled their next Android OS, Android Oreo, and even started rolling it out to some of their devices like the Pixel smartphone, it seems like one pretty significant Android Oreo bug might have made its way through internal testing as users are reporting the WiFi connection has a serious bug in […]

  • Google Street View cars

    Google Street View Cars Get New Upgrades for Better Indexing

    After almost 8 years, Google is finally upgrading its Google Street View cars with not only a different design but also some significant technological changes to improve street view mapping for Google Maps. While the vehicles themselves will not be changed, the actual street view rig that collects data is going through a redesign. Similar […]

  • Google Daydream

    Google Daydream won’t Support Existing Smartphones

    Google recently unveiled its much awaited Daydream VR platform and today it announced that the VR platform won’t be compatible with current smartphones. The Mountain View, Califronia-based company’s VR division head Clay Bavor in his speech said “I can tell you that there will most likely not be any retroactively Daydream-ready phones,” “We want to […]


    Google revealed Nvidia Shield TV New Apps and Games at the IO event

    SHIELD TV users have a major update to anticipate from NVIDIA. Including top applications, games and many more and NVIDIA SHIELD is the best stage to encounter your most loved media. Google announced at Google I/O, some great new features upcoming for the SHIELD users. Android TV applications WatchESPN, Spotify and Disney for the media […]

  • Android N

    Best features of Android N you should know about

    Google unlike Apple doesn’t keep its most recent developments a mystery before they’re formally released. The recent Google I/O event on Wednesday, Google declared a couple of more components in Android N, the most recent and still to be formally released portable working framework. They are not big changes in the new Android N development, […]

  • Google Reveals Daydream – A Virtual Reality Platform

    So Google has declared their jump past Google Cardboard and into a more standard, top notch virtual reality domain today at Google I/O. Here are some points of interest revealed by Google. Google Daydream won’t be accessible until this fall. Daydream prepared smartphones will accommodate accurate head tracking, effective versatile processors, and so forth. These […]