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  • How To Speed Up iOS Device After iOS 11 Update

    How To Speed Up iOS Device After iOS 11 Update

    With the launch of Apple’s latest iOS firmware, iOS 11, while many devices have benefited from the new features and functionality of the OS, there are also numerous reports of issues with the firmware such as incredibly fast battery drain and iOS devices slowing down after installing iOS 11. While we have previously covered how […]

  • HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset

    How To Fix HTC Vive Tracking Issue

    One of the unique things that set HTC Vive apart from most other VR and AR headsets in the market right now is the HTC Vive headset’s ability to track your full body movements in a large play area referred to as room scale. Using state of the art tracking technology, the HTC Vive tracks […]

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  • How To Improve Battery Life After Upgrading To iOS 11

    While Apple tries to improve battery life of their devices with each new firmware, there have been considerable reports that with iOS 11 update, all Apple devices running the latest firmware are suffering from major battery drainage issues. It seems like the battery on devices running iOS 11 drains at least twice as fast as […]

  • tips to improve battery life on Android devices

    How To Improve Battery Life Of Your Android Smartphone

    Despite smartphones getting more and more expensive, the battery life of most smartphones remains extremely embarrassing and even some of the high-end devices barely last a day or just a few hours if you are constantly using the internet on your Android smartphone. However, even if you are not tech savvy, there are ways with […]

  • Android Oreo

    How To Install Android Oreo Before Official Release

    Whenever a new smartphone OS update is announced, enthusiasts can’t wait to get their hands on the update and try it out as soon as possible, even if there are bugs in the update. So how do these people go about downloading the update and try it early? Here will help you install the Android […]

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    HTC Vive No Sound Problem

    How to Fix HTC Vive No Sound Or Mono Sound Or Any Sound Related Problem

    This guide is going to be in very detail as it will cover all HTC Vive Sound related issues and their solutions. Currently we have compiled a list of problems that many HTC Vive users are facing and have reported on various forums. Sound coming from HTC Vive Earbuds but not from TV connected to […]

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    How to fix SteamVR Failed to Terminate vrserver.exe Error

    After a recent SteamVR beta update, a lot of users have reported that they are receiving an error ‘failed to terminate vrserver.exe’ while trying to launch SteamVR. This error does not allow you to start SteamVR and use your HTC Vive for VR Experience. That is why people have been annoyed so much by this […]