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  • iPhone 8 OLED

    Samsung Remains The Sole iPhone 8 OLED Supplier For Apple

    There is no denying that Samsung is one of the best, if not the best, smartphone OLED manufacturer in the market right now. Because of this very reason, other companies including Apple tend to purchase displays from them. However, with the upcoming launch of iPhone 8 or iPhone X, it seems like Apple will have […]

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  • iOS YouTube livestreaming

    YouTube Improves Livestreaming on iPhone

    YouTube is making big waves in the war for best livestreaming service and introducing some new features to counter Twitch and Microsoft’s Mixer livestreaming platforms. The company has started rolling out new updates today, mainly for the YouTube iOS app. With the new features in place, iPhone users can use the YouTube mobile app to […]

  • iphone_se_vs_iphone_6s

    10 Reasons Why iPhone SE is Better than iPhone 6S

    Apple is known for their excellent products,especially for the iPhone lineup. We all are aware of 2 variants iPhone comes in the normal and the plus variant. Apple also introduced 5c back then which went flop,but Apple continued this year again and introduced a budget iPhone known as iPhone SE. The Phone similar to 6S […]