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  • Microsoft Xbox One deal

    Microsoft Offering up to $150 off on Xbox One Bundles With a Free Controller

    Microsoft has sliced costs of selected Xbox One console packs, offering rebates going from $50 to $150. As well as the discounts in price, Microsoft is putting forth a second controller and also a game absolutely free with most of its console bundles. In particular, the Xbox One Kinect Bundle has gotten a $150 value […]

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  • Microsoft Holo Lens Developer Edition

    Microsoft’s HoloLens developer’s edition now available

    Microsoft’s HoloLens is currently accessible to developers of United States and Canada at a price of $3,000. Holograms let you visualize and work with your digital content in relation to your real world, unlocking new insights and capabilities. HoloLens grasps virtual reality and increased reality to make another reality—mixed reality. By understanding your surroundings, mixed reality […]