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  • new Samsung Gear VR headset

    Samsung Gear VR Headset Gets a Facelift alongside new Galaxy Note 7

    Samsung announced a new and improved version of its Virtual Reality headset, the Samsung Gear VR today alongside its new flagship Galaxy Note device – the new Galaxy Note 7. The new Samsung Gear VR Headset includes a new touchpad, support for USB Type-C smartphones and a wider field of view. The amazing thing is […]

  • Audio Arena

    Combo Music in Skydome’s Audio Arena

    So this all transpired during Oculus’s VR jam in 2015 in which a lot of developers made virtual reality games among other experiences for the Samsung Gear VR headset. One of them was by Skydome Studio and they developed Audio Arena and it was launched on mobile headsets in November but now its officially out on […]

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  • Chicken Charge

    Chicken Charge Embraces AR And Releases On iOS Devices

    Chicken Charge, a new augmented reality game from Virtex Apps has been released for iOS. The app is quite similar to Pokemon Go, as it utilizes GPS and allows you to see virtual characters in real world settings and you can travel around those objects and their angles rotate like proper 3D objects. Chicken Charge […]

  • Titanic VR by Unimersiv

    Check Out The Titanic On Gear VR by Unimersiv

    Perhaps one of the most well-known ships to have ever existed, the RMS titanic and its pre-mature demise during its voyage in 1912 across the Atlantic has now been remade in virtual reality by Unimersiv, an immersive educational company.   Now Experience Titanic in Virtual Reality   You can experience Titanic through the Unimersiv app […]

  • CoLab- Trials Room

    Try Your Best In CoLab-Trails Room Which Is Out Now

    Here is one for the puzzle fans out there. Pixel federations has followed up on their CoLab series, by releasing CoLab- Trials room for the Samsung VR. Pixel federations, who used to be one of those developers that hung out on Oculus VR forums, this was even before Oculus VR share became a thing. Pixel federations first […]

  • Best VR Controllers For Samsung Gear VR

    Best VR Controllers for Samsung Gear VR

    Since the release of the Samsung Gear VR, it has received very positive response due to it being cheap and portable and has sold many units. The Samsung Gear VR is best for you if you are not into gaming PC VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. You can read our review […]

  • Samsung Gear VR headset

    Samsung Gear VR Reached One Million Users in April

    Max Cohen, Head of Mobile at Oculus, affirmed in the Oculus Mobile update even, that its cell phone based gadget made in association with Samsung, saw one million users a month ago. This is astounding for the generally new VR unit, since it just made its introduction back in November 2015. In any case, this […]

  • Popular

    Samsung Gear VR and the Focus Issue

    In 2015 and this year, Samsung joined forces with Oculus to deliver a portable VR headset compatible with Samsung phones. The Samsung Gear VR is a lightweight VR headset which brings the whole VR experience in an affordable package, do read our review of the Samsung Gear VR. The Samsung Gear VR is really fun […]