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  • samsung gear vr mental health

    Samsung Announces Gear VR Tools To Help Mental Health Hospitals

    Samsung is moving into the health care business as the company just signed an agreement with Gangnam Severance Hospital and VR content maker FNI to work on VR based mental health diagnosis programs. Given then influx of VR’s popularity and usage for similar purposes around the world including Australia’s Medibank launching an immersive VR experience […]

  • Lenovo VR-ready PC's

    Lenovo Unleashes VR-Ready Desktop For Your Convenience

    The desktop market has been in an awkward situation ever since companies such as Nvidia have been able to install mobile GPUs which are almost as good as desktop GPUs. With this in the ballpark, Lenovo decided that it would be smart to release a hybrid of sorts by announcing it at Gamescom, two compact VR-ready […]

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  • new Samsung Gear VR headset

    Samsung Gear VR Headset Gets a Facelift alongside new Galaxy Note 7

    Samsung announced a new and improved version of its Virtual Reality headset, the Samsung Gear VR today alongside its new flagship Galaxy Note device – the new Galaxy Note 7. The new Samsung Gear VR Headset includes a new touchpad, support for USB Type-C smartphones and a wider field of view. The amazing thing is […]

  • Matterport buys Virtual Walkthrough

    Matterport Has Acquired Virtual Walkthrough, A VR Tour Company

    Call it perfect synergy if you may. Matterport, a tech firm which handles the visualization of 3D spaces and converts them into actual VR tours for the public and guess whom they buy? Virtual walkthrough, which deals with 360 degree VR tours. Combining these two recipes. We get a virtual reality firm that can create 360 […]

  • Fake Pokemon Go Intro Screen

    Hackers Spreading Malware Using Malicious Pokemon Go App apk

    Security firm Proofpoint said that its researchers has found an infected Android version of Pokemon Go app that gives the hacker complete control over user’s phone who download the Malicious Pokemon Go app apk and install it on their phone. Pokemon Go App Spreading Malware Proofpoint researchers found that the app’s apk is modified to […]