Top 10 Best Google Daydream Games

Top 10 Best Google Daydream Games VR

Announced back in 2016, Google Daydream VR is the next evolution of their old Google Cardboard VR. The VR headset is more stylish and not actually cardboard, comes with a VR controller and provides not only a better overall experience but also more content. We have compiled a list of Top 10 Best Google Daydream games which you can try out on your Daydream VR headset, whether it is the old one or the one announced recently.

Top 10 Best Google Daydream Games

While it may not be as powerful as Samsung Gear VR for mobiles, the fact that Google Daydream can be used with almost every recent Android smartphone gives it a big edge over Gear VR which is exclusive to Samsung devices. However, since Android VR platform remains the same on both, pretty much every game on our Samsung Gear VR games list can also be played with Google Daydream.

10.Need for Speed No Limits

Need for Speed No Limits Android VR games

Despite the small size of the Daydream VR controller, Need for Speed No Limits feels like a natural fit for mobile VR gaming given how intuitive the controls are. Players take part in underground races with one goal, win at all costs. Police will occasionally hunt them down to shut down the races and successfully avoiding them earns players a lot of points which can be used to buy better cars and upgrade them for better performance. Need for Speed No Limits is easily one of the most fun NFS games in recent years.


Wands Google Daydream games

Harry Potter fans can now live out their spell casting fantasy with this interesting VR game as Wands puts players inside catacombs to take part in one on one duels with other players in a highly competitive environment. Players use their Daydream controller as a wand and players can also switch between different type of spells to outwit and damage their opponent. Once you get a hang of the variety of spells available, Wands becomes an extremely fun mobile virtual reality experience.

8.Raptor Valley

Raptor Valley Android VR game

For Jurassic Park fans, Raptor Valley is as close as you can get to enjoying the dinosaur experience on mobile VR as the $3 game lets you travel to a remote jungle filled with raptors hiding in the tall grass. Players use their Daydream VR controller as a gun which can be used to shoot down pouncing raptors and survive ambush attacks. While not the best VR game out there, the sheer terror of fending off incoming raptor attacks from multiple directions makes Raptor Valley an adrenaline pumping experience.

7.Evil Robot Traffic Jam

Evil Robot Traffic Jam

Another great addition to our list of best Google Daydream games is Evil Robot Traffic Jam, a fun and unique take on the tower-defense genre as players are tasked with destroying vehicles that pass through their area. Similar to other tower defense games, players can put down traps and turrets in order to slow down or destroy the vehicles. After a somewhat steep learning curve, Evil Robot Traffic Jam becomes a great tower defense game which you can enjoy in virtual reality.

6.Gunjack 2 End of Shift

Gunjack 2 End of Shift Daydream VR

No other game comes close to capture the fun of doing whatever you want in space than the Eve franchise. Gunjack 2 End of Shift delivers exactly that as you play the sequel to Eve Gunjack, mentioned in our Samsung Gear VR games list, and lets you hunt space pirates, shooting anything that comes in your way as you advance through missions with increasing difficulty. Gunjack 2 End of Shift is available exclusively on Daydream VR.

5.VR Karts: Sprint

Basically a mobile and VR version of Mario Kart, VR Karts Sprint lets you control different karts over a variety of race tracks and the best thing is that you can even race against other human opponents so you can truly become a master of a certain play mode. VR Karts Sprint is on our list of Top 10 Best Google Daydream games simply because of the simplicity it offers while being extremely fun at a price of $6.

4.Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep talking and nobody explodes VR

Thanks to being an extremely fun multiplatform title, this mention again is a testament to how good Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes VR is. For $15, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is an amazing social VR experience which is one of the best Daydream VR games in the market and works great as a party game as well thanks to its hilarious and tense moments as you figure out stuff to talk about while also helping your teammate defuse the bomb with useful instructions.

3.Danger Goat

Danger Goat VR game

A silly yet surprisingly simple and fun game, Danger Goat tasks players with navigating their goat across a maze and helping it eat flowers, all the while avoiding the impending threat of a rocket blasting the goat off into space. Players need to overcome different obstacles as they move through the maze by tiling the world with their Daydream controller. The level design in Danger Goat is incredibly complex and also one of the best we have seen in puzzle games.

2.Hunter’s Gate

Hunter's Gate Google Daydream

If you are a fan of dungeon crawlers, you’ll like Hunter’s Gate. Choose between the hunter or the sorcerer, and take down hordes of evil creatures as you run through a series of maze-like levels from a unique, almost 2.5D perspective. Your Daydream Controller gives you control of a set of crosshairs you can use to guide your character’s fire. As you complete levels you can enhance your character to better handle the next wave of enemies.

1.The Arcslinger

The Arcslinger Daydream VR

At the top of our list of Best Google Daydream games sits The Arcslinger, a fun new take on typical gunslinger games. Players are put in the shoes of a squire who aids a hero until the hero dies and players are supposed to pick up the mantle. Armed with special arc pistols, Players use their Daydream controller to fight off bandits and monsters invading their town while going through a surprisingly fun story mode. Despite the game’s $4 price tag, The Arcslinger offers hours of crazy shoot em up fun with interesting side characters to meet and interact with.

So there you have it, our list of Top 10 Best Google Daydream Games which you can experience on your Google Daydream VR headset, old as well as the new version. The list offers some Daydream exclusive games but if these aren’t enough for you, you can always check out our list of Samsung Gear VR games for multiplatform titles and enjoy them on your Android device.



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