Top 10 Best iPhone 8 Cases And Covers in 2017

Speck Presidio Best iPhone 8 cases and covers

Apple’s latest smartphone announcements include the smaller iPhone 8 with its 4.7-inch display. While the new device might have a glass body and metal frame, it is still prone to cosmetic damages like scratches and given the history of iPhone devices, could easily get badly damaged if dropped from enough height. For that very reason, iPhone 8 cases are going to be essential to protect your shiny new Apple iPhone 8. Although the smartphone isn’t available in market yet, numerous companies have already announced their iPhone 8 covers and we have picked the Top 10 Best iPhone 8 Cases and Covers in 2017.

Top 10 Best iPhone 8 Cases and Covers in 2017

Given their frequent daily usage, smartphones are highly prone to scratches, fingerprints or even major damage. Despite all their innovation, even Apple can’t do something to counter that and that is where the Apple iPhone 8 cases come in. With the right iPhone 8 case on your phone, not only can you protect it from damage but also make a style statement which gives you device a new look better than the default iPhone 8 color scheme.

10.RhinoShield Mod iPhone 8 Case

iPhone 8 case RhinoShield

This $32 stylish case offers iPhone 8 the best of all that RhinoShield has to offer. At its core, the RhinoShield Mod is a bumper frame with a hard outer shell and a soft inner lining for shock absorption in case of falls. Thanks to the modular design of this iPhone 8 case, you can swap out the back plate with clear or carbon fiber designs. For those who think the basic iPhone 8 camera isn’t going to be enough, the RhinoShield Mod also offers capabilities to connect external lenses like DSLR cameras.

9.Silk Base Grip Case

iPhone 8 Silk Base Grip cover

This $12 iPhone 8 case is an extremely cheap offering from Silk and ideal for those who can’t handle the iPhone 8 without a case but don’t want to spend too much money. A pretty basic design available in black, blue, gray and purple colors, the slim Silk Base Grip Case for iPhone 8 has its outside textured in a way to provide better grip while there are also small openings for ports and tactile buttons for power and volume control.

8.Caseology Apex iPhone 8 Case

best iPhone 8 covers

This $14 iPhone 8 cover from Caseology is a really nifty snap-on solution that provides a stylish look while not compromising on utility. The Caseology Apex Case has a scratch resistant back plate for the hard shell while an inner softer layer provides shock absorption. Thanks to its small form factor and lightweight, the iPhone 8 Caseology Apex case is a great purchase for some basic protection while also giving a unique new style to the iPhone 8.

7.X-Doria Defense Shield Case

top iPhone 8 covers

Priced at $30, the X-Doria Defense iPhone 8 case has a tough aluminum and polycarbonate frame and hard shell with soft rubber lining inside it for shock absorption. This ensures that should your iPhone 8 fall on hard concrete, the X-Doria Defense Shield Case will be able to protect it for up to almost 7 feet. Another thing that makes this a useful addition to our Best iPhone 8 Cases and Covers in 2017 list is the design, with a clear back and highlighted frame available in red, black, rose gold and iridescent colors.

6.Incipio Esquire Slim Series Case

best iPhone 8 cases

Style, comfort and protection, the Incipio Esquire iPhone 8 cover has it all as this $25 protection solution offers a great grip to safely handle your iPhone 8 and the tough polycarbonate core ensures that it can also stand some rough usage while maintaining a small signature so the case doesn’t feel bulky. The Incipio Esquire Slim Series Case for iPhone 8 is wrapped in a chambray fabric that offers two new color choices, black and gray.

5.Case-Mate Karat Pearl Case

top stylish iPhone 8 covers

While it may have a massive $50 price tag, what truly makes the Case-Mate Karat Pearl standout is its in-your-face design which is not only flashy but also provides decent protection as the material used for shock absorption meets military drop test standards. The Case-Mate Karat Pearl has real mother of pearl and sterling silver inlaid into its back plate so your expensive iPhone 8 looks even more expensive with this case.

4.Tech21 Evo Check Evoke Edition

Tech21 best iPhone 8 cases

Another iPhone 8 cover that focuses on style while making sure that protection is not compromised, the Tech21 Evo has clear backplates with inlaid floral design to not only ensure the stylish look of iPhone 8 isn’t hidden while also giving it a unique new pattern design. With a price tag of $50, the Tech21 Evo ensures that you don’t have to sacrifice on protection by providing three layers of safety that can withstand damage from falls up to 10 feet.

3.Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

Spigen iPhone 8 cases

When it comes to smartphone covers, Spigen is a brand you can trust with your eyes closed and their iPhone 8 cover is a great example of that which ensures it had to be in our Top 10 Best iPhone 8 Cases and Covers in 2017 list. Extremely cheap at $12, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid has a clear design to show off your iPhone 8 while offering extreme durability without bulking up the phone. These clear iPhone 8 covers are also available in different colors for improved style.

2.Silk Vault Armor iPhone 8 Wallet Case

Top iPhone 8 cases and covers

Another great one-in-all solution, this Wallet Case from Silk allows you to carry your iPhone 8, ID and credit cards as well as cash, all in one body. The hard external shell has soft air cushioned corners inside it for shock protection while the exterior protects from scratches while giving a textured grip. At just $20, the Silk Vault Armor iPhone 8 Wallet case is great value for money.

1.Speck Presidio Ultra iPhone 8 Case

Speck Presidio Best iPhone 8 cases and covers

At the top of our best iPhone 8 Cases and Covers in 2017 list is Speck’s Presidio Ultra iPhone 8 Case. While usually known for their stylish covers, Speck shook things up a bit with their new iPhone 8 cover as not only does it offer a unique style but also the best durability out of all the cases in the market right now. The Speck Presidio Ultra has four layers of protection, two of them being bumper layers. These two can be removed if you think the phone feels a bit too bulky and you don’t actually need all that protection. At $50, this is easily the top iPhone 8 case from Presidio and one of the most stylish and durable purchase you can make for your $700 new smartphone.

So there you have it, our list of Top 10 Best iPhone 8 Cases and Covers in 2017 for your inevitable purchase of Apple’s new smartphone. With these cases, not only can you show off the look of your smartphone but in many cases, even improve it with nicely designed covers all the while maintaining durability so that should your iPhone 8 fall, no harm would come to it.

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  1. This is the best list I have ever seen!

    I saw many iPhone 8 cases on Amazon and Flipkart. But Spigen ultra hybrid case is the best one for me. Finally, I ended up here with my favorite case for brand new iPhone 8.

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