Top 10 Best iPhone 8 Plus Cases And Covers in 2017

Best iPhone 8 Plus Cases and Covers in 2017

Despite having a glass body and metal frame, the iPhone 8 Plus will need extra protection especially since the glass body itself is going to be a fingerprint magnet and prone to scratches. For that very reason, investing in an iPhone 8 Plus case will be an ideal purchase when buying this expensive device. Here we have compiled a list of Top 10 Best iPhone 8 Plus Cases and Covers in 2017 which you can pre-order right now and have them ready before the official availability of the iPhone 8 Plus smartphone.

Top 10 Best iPhone 8 Plus Cases and Covers in 2017

Since there isn’t a lot of design difference between iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus besides the screen size, most of the companies that offer iPhone 8 covers also have iPhone 8 Plus cases available for sale. Whether you are looking for a cheap solution or an expensive one, we have listed all the best iPhone 8 Plus cases and covers in 2017 right here.

10.Apple iPhone 8 Plus Silicone Case

Apple iPhone 8 Plus case

If you are an Apple loyalist through and through, there is a possibility that you won’t choose any other iPhone 8 cover besides the one provided by Apple themselves. The simplistic designed Apple iPhone 8 Plus Silicone Case checks all the basic boxes for a hefty price tag of $39. It has a smooth and soft grip to it to prevent the smartphone from sliding out of your hands and has 9 different colors to choose from to stylize your iPhone 8 Plus.

9.Incipio Reprieve Sport

Incipio Reprieve Sport iPhone 8 Plus case

Cutting back on style, the Incipio Reprieve Sport is designed with functionality in mind to make it one of the best iPhone 8 Plus cases. Featuring a clear design, the Reprieve Sport focuses on providing durability to the smartphone with a normal thickness hard shell that has shock absorbing material padding along the corners. There are some slight customization options in this $40 case as you can purchase iPhone 8 covers with different colored corners however the main body remains clear.

8.Otterbox Pursuit iPhone 8 Plus

OtterBox Pursuit best iPhone 8 Plus cases

If protection of your device is the primary goal, the Otterbox Pursuit is easily one of the best iPhone 8 Plus covers out there and deserves such a high spot in our list of Best iPhone 8 Plus Cases and Covers in 2017. The Otterbox Pursuit case is designed to be dirt, snow, mud and dust proof as it can seal up all your iPhone 8 Plus ports to protect it from the elements. While the $80 price tag might a bit high, the protection it offers with a clear background and 4 color combinations make up for it.

7.Peel iPhone 8 Plus

Peel iPhone 8 Plus covers

The Peel iPhone 8 Plus case is an ultra-thin offering with just 0.35mm thickness which ensures that even with the iPhone 8 Plus cover on, your device won’t feel bulked up at all. With the color offerings of Jet Black, Rose Gold or White it is also a great alternative to give your iPhone 8 Plus a new look with a slight bit of protection at just $25 making it a decent entry level protection case to save the smartphone from fingerprints and scratches.

6.Case-Mate Karat

Case Mate Karat iPhone 8 Plus

Case-Mate has two unique and extremely stylish iPhone 8 Plus cover offerings in the form of Karat Petals and Karat Pearl. Both of these options focus more on stylizing your phone but they do provide some decent protection against scratches and drops. The cases are designed to be clear while having real flower petals or mother of pearl at the back of the phone to deliver a stunning look. At $60, the Case-Mate Karat iPhone 8 Plus covers are some of the best iPhone 8 Plus cases you can buy.

5.Nodus Shell iPhone 8 Plus Case

Best iPhone 8 Plus case Nodus

The £50 Nodus Shell is a leather protection solution and one of the best iPhone 8 Plus case available right now in terms of style as well as utility. The Nodus Shell iPhone 8 Plus case comes with a small magnetic docking system using which you can mount your smartphone to a wall or a desk making it a really handy tool when you are working in a room while talking to someone or don’t want to continue holding the phone while using FaceTime.

4.Caseology Apex iPhone 8 Plus Case

Caseology Apex iPhone 8 Plus cover

Just like with iPhone 8, the Caseology Apex iPhone 8 Plus cover remains one of the best iPhone 8 Plus covers out there simply because of its highly lucrative price tag. After spending $700+ on the smartphone, it is highly likely that a lot of people would want to save some money and that can be done by purchasing this good iPhone 8 Plus case. At just $14, the Caseology Apex is a slim and stylish yet protective cover for all the basic level protection from scratches and low height drops.

3.X-Doria Defense iPhone 8 Plus Cover

X-Doria iPhone 8 Plus best cases

The Defense Lux cover series from X-Doria truly deserves its spot in the best iPhone 8 Plus Cases and Covers in 2017 list as not only are they really well priced, they offer great visual design for amazing protection. The X-Doria Defense iPhone 8 Plus cases feature Black Carbon or Ballistic Nylon finishes with actual textured materials used for the backs. The cases are tested and rated to protect your iPhone 8 Plus from drops up to 10 feet high which is great for a $35 solution.

2.Urban Armor Metropolis

iPhone 8 Plus Urban Armor case

Urban Armor’s Metropolis series features Folio cases for Apple iPhone 8 Plus available in three different colors. The cases are designed to be impact resistant, water resistant and also have some other nifty features like serving as a wallet to store credit cards. After thorough testing, the $40 Urban Armor Metropolis iPhone 8 Plus cover has also met military drop-test standards so your phone dropping from normal heights should not damage it at all.

1.Speck Presidio Ultra iPhone 8 Plus Case

Speck Presidio Ultra top iPhone 8 Plus case

Speck’s solutions for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus cases remains our top choice because of the versatility they offer. If you want to reduce the bulk from your phone, you can strip off the outer protective layer of Speck Presidio Ultra while still maintaining some protection. For those who don’t care about looks, the $55 Presidio Ultra iPhone 8 Plus case offers maximum protection with 4 layers of durability that has a hard shell and multiple softer layers inside it for shock absorption making this our top pick for the Best iPhone 8 Plus Cases and Covers in 2017. If you travel around a lot of dusty areas, the cover also has protective flaps for the ports to protect them from the elements.

So here is our list of Top 10 Best iPhone 8 Plus Cases and Covers in 2017 which you can buy before the smartphone is available in a few days. Whether you are extra careful with your device and only care about style or if you are a klutz, the list should have a good iPhone 8 Plus case and cover for you to choose from.

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