Top 10 Best OSVR Games

Top 10 Best OSVR games

Open Source Virtual Reality or commonly referred to as OSVR is a project from Razer that aims to provide open platform VR games to consumers. While OSVR also has a VR headset by the name of Hacker Developer Kit, the main goal of OSVR is to work with developers and release open source VR games that can work with any VR headset. We have a compiled a list of Top 10 Best OSVR Games for you to try out and enjoy, whether you have HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or any other VR/Mixed Reality headset on PC.

Top 10 Best OSVR Games

The list of OSVR content continues to grow and late last year, Razer announced a partnership with Steam to publish OSVR games on Valve’s digital distribution platform. Since the announcement, there have been more than 15 new OSVR games on Steam alone while some of the older ones were later patched to work with OSVR.

Alice VR

Alice OSVR game

Set in a futuristic world, Alice VR is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and takes players through a story-driven puzzle exploration game on a mysterious planet. Players are stranded on an unknown planet after a ship malfunction and their goal is to gather enough fuel to escape the area. In their quest to leave the planet, players will encounter numerous characters from the classic Alice tale.

Drift Into Eternity

Drift into Eternity

Another one of our best OSVR games is Drift Into Eternity, made by an indie studio We Are Bots. Drift Into Eternity puts players in the shoes of a lone survivor aboard distressed long-haul ship. Loneliness and horrors of space are a key component in the game as players struggle to survive and keep the ship’s vital functions running while being assisted by the ship’s AI. Players have to explore the ship, salvage equipment and perform repairs to survive.

Guardian Arena

Guardian Arena OSVR

Unlike other VR shooters, Guardian Arena opts for a top-down god-like view rather than first-person camera. Developers Purple Squid Games describe it as playing Quake 3 Arena from a god-like perspective with players on a miniature arena. Because of the unique design, Guardian Arena also helps counter motion sickness induced by VR gameplay as even with fast gameplay, you don’t feel nauseous since you aren’t in a first-person view.


Essence VR game

Another OSVR game that was actually crowdfunded and not built and funded by some big publisher, Essence puts players in a puzzle-solving world along the lines of games like Fable and The Last Guardian. The game’s main focus is narrative storytelling so players will mostly be walking around the beautiful looking maps, trying to solve puzzles to uncover a forgotten past. Essence isn’t fast paced or filled with frantic action so you can just start it up, sit back and relax.

Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous best OSVR games

Originally created as a space simulator in 2015 by Frontier Developments, Elite Dangerous later became to be recognized as one of the best virtual reality games to try out because of the massive scope of the universe it offered as well as how much of a natural fit it was for VR. Players pilot different ships across the galaxy with 400 billion different star systems, take on different jobs or just fly around looking at the vastness of space. Whether you want to be a smuggler, a bounty hunter, a lawman or a simple trader. Elite Dangerous offers it all in VR.

5089: The Action RPG

5089 The Action RPG

As a sequel to 3089, 5089 is set on the planet Xax 2000 years later, players enter a multiplayer world thrown into chaos due to the absence of the Overlord. The OSVR compatible game allows players to play with friends in order to rule the game world and conquer endlessly generated planets. While the game may not be visually mind-blowing, its simplistic design is also a part of the charm that makes 5089 so unique and fun to play. Environment interactions like scavenging and building play a huge role and players can even set up marketplaces in the world to buy and sell equipment.

Frantic Freighter

Frantic Freighter

A pretty simplistic game which deserves its spot on our list of best OSVR games because of that, Frantic Freighter just has one goal, carry some cargo from one planet to another. While it sounds boring but every time players warp jump, a critical system in their ship breaks down and they have to rush to repair it. While delivering cargo, players will also have to avoid pirates. Frantic Freighter is OSVR compatible but thankfully it doesn’t require a VR headset to play so even those without a VR headset or a system powerful enough to run VR can enjoy the game.

Radial-G: Racing Revolved

Radial-G OSVR

Another worthy addition to a high position on our top 10 best OSVR games, Radial-G is a relatively small scale project that still managed to surpass expectations. Players enter the cockpit of a futuristic race vehicle and battle it out against up to 15 other players on an anti-gravity race track. Racing and reaching the finish line is however not the only way to play as players can also choose from 5 different weapons in Radial-G to blow up their enemies. The game also has a pretty unique ship physics system that makes every race ship behave differently from others so there is quite a learning curve involved.

Redout: Enhanced Edition

Redout Enhanced Edition best OSVR games

As a homage to old arcade racing games like Rollcage, Redout has an option VR mode that supports OSVR. Players can go against up to 12 other players in races across 100+ events and 25 race tracks. There are also a lot of powerups to choose from and make racing more intense and exciting as players get the ability to use turbo boost or shields in tough spots. Another really exciting thing about Redout Enhanced Edition, especially for those with a high-quality sound system or headphones is the 5.1 dynamic soundtrack that becomes more fast-paced and improves quality as you drive your vehicle faster.

Project CARS

Project CARS top 10 OSVR games

At the top of our list of Top 10 Best OSVR Games is the highly successful Project CARS, the ultimate racing simulator available on PC. As one of the most ambitious titles to be released on the platform, Project CARS not only boasts amazing visuals which look even better in VR but also has hundreds of cars and tracks to choose from players to enjoy. For simulation enthusiasts, Project CARS is the best video game to try on OSVR as the vehicles feel truly alive thanks to expertly created physics engine with the help of professional racers. If you have a PC strong enough to handle it, you can even crank up the resolution to 12K in Project CARS and experience almost lifelike visuals.

So there you have it, our list of Top 10 Best OSVR Games available in the market right now. Due to how less of an impact racing and exploration games have in triggering motion sickness, the list focuses heavily on such games instead of frantic first-person shooters. Despite that, the list has VR games for everyone to enjoy and relax with.

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