Top 10 Best Samsung Gear VR Games

Top 10 Best Samsung Gear VR Games

While it may be exclusive to Samsung smartphones, the Samsung Gear VR headset sits at a comfortable point between Google’s Daydream VR and premium VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The affordable price tag and Samsung’s brand name itself is more than enough for the VR headset to gain a big audience and become popular. If you managed to get yourself one of these VR headsets, our list of Top 10 Best Samsung Gear VR Games is perfect for you to find more content to enjoy.

Top 10 Best Samsung Gear VR Games

Samsung Gear VR may not be the perfect VR headset as not only is it locked to Samsung smartphones, it lacks the power and features of VR headsets like Oculus Rift. However, since it is powered by a smartphone, it doesn’t require any external connections so portability is a big selling point that gives it an edge over other VR options in the market.

10.Eve: Gunjack

No other game comes close to capture the fun of doing whatever you want in space than the Eve franchise. Eve: Gunjack delivers exactly that and lets you hunt space pirates, shooting anything that comes in your way as you advance through missions with increasing difficulty. Available for just $10, Eve Gunjack has enough content to keep you occupied for hours and get your money’s worth.

9.Smash Hit

Available at an extremely cheap price of just $3, Smash Hit is the perfect game for you to try out if all you care about is unwinding at the end of a long day and break some stuff without any consequences. Players start off with a ball they can throw at glass objects to destroy them as they are hurled through the game world. The objective is simple, smash everything that comes in the player’s path and if you managed to smash enough objects you unlock access to next area.

8.VR Karts: Sprint

Basically a mobile and VR version of Mario Kart, VR Karts Sprint lets you control different karts over a variety of race tracks and the best thing is that you can even race against other human opponents so you can truly become a master of a certain play mode. VR Karts Sprint is on our list of Top 10 Best Samsung Gear VR games simply because of the simplicity it offers while being extremely fun at a price of $6.

7.Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep talking and nobody explodes VR

Thanks to it being an extremely fun multiplatform title, this mention again is a testament to how good Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes VR is. For $15, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is an amazing social VR experience which is one of the best Samsung Gear VR games in the market and works great as a party game as well thanks to its hilarious and tense moments as you figure out stuff to talk about while also helping your teammate defuse the bomb with useful instructions.



A perfect VR game for people who like horror games but can’t play PSVR games like Until Dawn Rush of Blood. In Dreadhalls, players wake up inside a dungeon with only a lamp by their side to illuminate their way. Players have to figure out a way to escape the dungeon and the monsters that lurk in it without having access to any weapons. For $5, you get a procedurally generated game that guarantees hours of replayability to horror game fans.

5.Dark Days

Dark Days Samsung Gear VR

Inspired by stuff like X-Files and Twin Peaks, Dark Days has a pretty creepy vibe to it which is perfect for Samsung Gear VR as players explore a motel in first person view. Players will need to interact with other residents of the motel while trying to survive the dark halls and solve numerous puzzles in order to survive the night. The puzzles and the general atmospheric nature of the game make this a must-have Samsung Gear VR game for anyone interested in the horror genre.


Rush Gear VR games

Similar to Ubisoft’s Steep, Rush is an extreme sports game designed for Samsung Gear VR and deserves its spot on our list of Top 10 Best Samsung Gear VR games due to the sheer rush it provides despite not being a shooter or action game. Players jump off of cliffs while wearing wingsuits and parachutes. The game even has a multiplayer mode so you can race down mountains against other players, which you have up to 60 to choose from. For just $8, Rush sounds like a great deal for those who love sports games.

3.End Space

End Space VR

One of the best ways to experience any VR headset is to jump into a space game where you can pilot different types of spaceships and shoot enemies while you are at it. End Space delivers that experience perfectly as you are put in the shoes of a fighter pilot duking it out in space. Not only does End Space have amazing visuals, it offers pretty immersive VR controls as you use your head movement to look around and steer the ship while Gear VR controller is used for shooting and thrusters. While it may seem expensive at $8, End Space more than makes up for its price tag with the fun it offers.


Skylight Gear VR

Tasked with one goal, players have to conquer the solar system Skylight, a turn-based tactical Samsung Gear VR mobile game. Players act as a commander, customizing and outfitting their fleet of spaceships in this space VR version of Master & Commander. The battles are methodical and intense so players have to carefully think their every move and then assign tasks to the units they are controlling during the battle. There is a free trial version of Skylight that delivers limited content or you can purchase the full strategy game experience for $5.

1.PolyRunner VR

PolyRunner VR games

At the top of our list of Top 10 Best Samsung Gear VR Games sits PolyRunner, a space exploration game where players control the navigation of their ship with head movement. Players must navigate between buildings, mountains, and trees but surprisingly the game’s responsiveness is so smooth that you won’t feel any issues when moving your head around to safely navigate. Available for free, PolyRunner VR offers hours of fun as the more players progress through the game, the difficult it becomes with constant obstacles popping up from the ground to block their path.

So there you have it, our list of Top 10 Best Samsung Gear VR Games available in the market right now for you to test on your Samsung smartphone. Whether you just bought one of the recently released Samsung devices like the Galaxy Note 8 or have a somewhat older device, you should still be able to experience high-quality VR content through your phone at a cheaper price compared to Oculus or Vive VR.

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