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VR Googles for best virtual reality experience


Google Cardboard has made VR a lot more affordable and portable. You can even make your own VR headset from cardboard, Velcro, lenses and magnets. If you are not too much into VR headsets like the OSVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or if you do not have the budget to buy one, you can still enjoy VR experience by getting a pair of virtual reality goggles for your smartphone. There is a wide variety of virtual reality goggles available for smartphones ranging from $20 and goes up to $200 but you don’t have to worry about which one to pick. We have compiled a list of best Virtual Reality Goggles to buy from. These virtual reality goggles can be found on almost all online retail stores as well as on local stores. So, without further delay, Here are the top 10 best virtual reality goggles you should consider when you are going to buy them


Best Virtual Reality Googles


10. Sunnypeak VRG-10900

Sunnypeak VRG-10900 Plastic Google Cardboard

The Sunnypeak VRG-10900 VR headset is a cheap and durable headset. It is made from ABS plastic which is very tough. Another good thing about the Sunnypeak VRG-10900 virtual reality goggles is that the lens focus and pupillary distance is adjustable so that you can see more clearly if you are having vision problems or focus issue.

This headset can fit phones of screen size within 6-inches. Sunnypeak VR has a magnet trigger on the left of the headset to interact with apps that support Google Cardboard. If you don’t want to use the magnet, you can use a Bluetooth controller of your choice. This headset is affordable, sturdy and very easy to use and it is now also available in a “mini” size.

9. Freefly VR Headset

Freefly Mobile Virtual Reality Headset

The Freefly VR headset is very popular but looks very weird in terms of its design. The headset itself is not bad. It is compatible with Google Cardboard apps and you can use an Android phone or an iPhone with it. The Freefly VR Goggles has 42mm lens and a wide 120-degree field of view.

The design of the Freefly VR headset allows it to be lightweight even when you fit in a phone. Adding to that, it also has faux leather padding so for ultimate comfort. The Freefly VR headset has a head strap so you can use a Bluetooth controller while playing VR games. The Freefly VR headset can fit phones from a screen size of 4.7-inches to 6.1-inches.

8. Samsung Gear VR


The Samsung Gear VR is probably the best virtual reality googles available for smartphones if ignored the fact that this is compatible with only Samsung flagships. This is the new Gear VR which was released alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This newer Samsung Gear VR has an improved design which brings a lighter build, option to use a micro USB or USB Type-C, a redesigned touch pad which is easier to learn how to use and a wider viewing angle.

The Gear VR is made by Samsung and partnered with Oculus so you know this VR headset is the best option for you if you have a Samsung Galaxy S6, Note 5 or later flagship phones. There are tons of games and apps available on the Oculus Store and you will be enjoying the Samsung Gear VR for a long time.

7. WensLTD VR Headset Box

WensLTD VR Headset Box

The WensLTD VR headset box is a very unique type of VR headset in this list. From the outside, it looks like just any other VR headset, but the thing that makes it stand out that the headset itself has an Android system built inside it. You won’t need to fit in your phone, you just need to put it on and enjoy VR. The WensLTD VR Goggles has an octa-core processor, 2GB RAM, Android 4.4.2 and 3000 mAh battery. It also supports a microSD memory card, so you can play your movies or other videos in multiple formats in this VR headset.

You can play games for around 2.5 to 3 hours on a single charge, thanks to its big battery. The build quality is very good for this sort of VR headset, the lens, the foam padding is very durable. The WensLTD VR headset box is not cheap because of it being a whole system inside the headset. The headset comes with a Bluetooth remote but you can also use any other Bluetooth controller.


NOON VR Goggle

NOON VR is another VR headset which brings intuitive functions to smartphone VR. The NOON VR headset is focused on ergonomics and better controls. NOON VR Goggles supports phones with screen size between 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch, some are listed in the Amazon page. This VR headset also makes use of the NOON VR app to view your favorite videos in VR.

NOON VR Goggles also makes use of a Tap-and-Stare navigation system through which you can tap the protective cover of the headset to either center a video or go to the NOON VR control panel, you can use your eyes to navigate menus by staring as well. NOON VR is very comfortable to wear for long periods of time due to its light weight and ergonomic padding and straps.

5. VR Box


VR Box is a very popular virtual reality goggles because it is cheap and still has a very good build quality. A phone can be slid into the headset through a tray and inside you can install rubber pads around the phone tray to prevent it from moving when you move your head. The head-strap is made from elastic so it will be easier to adjust to your head.

The lenses are the best part of this headset, they are better than many other VR headsets in this price range, because these are clear and don’t have any chromatic aberrations (blurred edges). However, the lenses do tend to attract dust and static over time, so if you buy these virtual reality goggles, make sure you clean it with a micro fibre cloth every now and then.

4. Powis ViewR 2.0


The Powis ViewR 2.0 Goggles is a beautifully designed VR headset which is made from cardboard but the coating on that makes it very durable than most of the other cardboard VR headsets. Of course the Powis ViewR 2.0 is compatible with Google Cardboard apps and supports Android and iOS.

The design of the Powis ViewR reminds of a pair of binoculars, so it is designed to mostly look like that and easier to hold as well. The lens inside the headset are adjustable to your requirements. Due to its size, the Powis ViewR 2.0 virtual reality goggles does not have a head-strap, even without it, it looks fine.

3. Speck Pocket VR


Speck is famous for its CandyShell cases for smartphones, they have also made virtual reality goggles based on the CandyShell design. The Speck Pocket VR is a slim and portable VR headset which can fit a Samsung Galaxy S7 or an iPhone 6/6S, where the headset is available separately for each phone.

The package comes with a phone case and the Speck Pocket VR. The Speck Pocket VR is collapsible, which means that it can be closed when not being used and stored in your pocket or bag. This headset is great for its durability and portability. If you like Speck CandyShell smartphone cases, then you will love the Speck Pocket VR. The Speck Pocket VR is fully compatible with Google Cardboard apps.

The Sunnypeak VRG-10900 VR headset is a very sturdy and durable plastic headset under $30. The Sunnypeak VR headset is compatible with Google Cardboard apps while providing many features on the headset itself. This VR headset has a magnetic trigger just like the first generation Cardboard had for interacting with VR apps. The focus and IPD for the lenses in this headset can be easily adjusted for people who are not able to see clearly in this headset. The Sunnypeak VRG-10900 can be used with a Bluetooth controller which is available separately.

2. DSCVR Headset


The DSCVR Headset is made by I Am Cardboard, compatible with Google Cardboard but it is made from ABS plastic. Some people are considering it the best Google Cardboard VR headset due to its durability and portability. The ABS plastic makes the DSCVR headset to last long and survive wear and tear and the hexagon shape makes it easy to hold.

DSCVR Headset inspired by Google Cardboard v2 can be compressed to a thinner size and comes with a carrying case. DSCVR headset comes in various colors and can hold smartphones of screen sizes up to 6-inches. The only thing lacking in this headset is a head-strap which is very useful for a VR headset. Otherwise, this is a very good headset for its price.

Zeiss VR ONE


Zeiss, the global manufacturer of lenses for industry and consumer grade applications has made its own VR headset, the Zeiss VR ONE. Zeiss has made the perfect lenses for great immersive VR experience, which in this case is really making a huge difference. You can insert your phone by sliding it in through a smartphone tray; trays for different smartphones are available separately. It is compatible with both iOS and Android phones with many VR and Google Cardboard apps available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Other than VR, you can also use this VR headset with augmented reality apps as well. The Zeiss VR ONE headset has a little weight but the strap does a really good job of securing the headset on your head.


From a wide variety of virtual reality goggles available, these were the top 10 best virtual reality goggles. VR for your smartphones is not very expensive. There are tons of apps available on iOS and Android thanks to Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard is the best platform for mobile VR yet and almost all smartphone virtual reality goggles support it.

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