Try Your Best In CoLab-Trails Room Which Is Out Now

CoLab- Trials Room

Here is one for the puzzle fans out there. Pixel federations has followed up on their CoLab series, by releasing CoLab- Trials room for the Samsung VR. Pixel federations, who used to be one of those developers that hung out on Oculus VR forums, this was even before Oculus VR share became a thing. Pixel federations first foray in virtual reality  was CoLab – First room which was way back in February.


CoLab – Trails room is a wonderful VR puzzle game for the Samsung gear VR


CoLab – Trails room follows the same format as it predecessor. You basically make your way through a puzzling labyrinth which puts your problem solving skills under observation and how you make your way through. This is all masqueraded as a VR reality show where the host of the show helps you from time to time by giving advice or hints but he tries to be amusing for his own benefit rather then yours.

While it may seem like it, CoLab – Trails room isn’t a fully developed standalone game yet, which is why it’s going for free. Currently, it aims to be a narrative virtual reality demo to give you a taste of whats to come and a decent experience for first-timers.

Pixel Federation is looking forward to your feedback and how it can improve future CoLab episodes by taking in the good and the bad from your criticism,that is if you happen to play it which is what I would recommend especially if you are a puzzle-genre buff like me.

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