Virtual Reality is the Next Big Thing in Education

How VR is going to influence education and introduce new ways of teaching

VR Education

Have you ever walked on Moon?

Have you ever climbed Mount Everest?

Thanks to Virtual Reality, which enable humans to immerse into any environment and experience things virtually which they can’t in reality. From walking between pyramids of Egypt to enjoying concerts at Sydney’s Opera House, there is nothing that can’t be experienced virtually.

Internet has became a massive repository of information. You can learn anything on the internet. The way online courses revolutionizing education is amazing and making schools and universities obsolete.

But information without experience is incomplete. And here comes the Virtual Reality experience.

Back in old days teachers only had textbooks with pictures to teach students then smartphones and tablets made it more interactive and now virtual reality , which is allowing us to experience the knowledge with our own eyes.

Many schools has started Virtual Reality in teaching their students and found that students are taking more interest in learning even in subjects like history which they find boring.

When it comes to grab students’ interest in learning, Game based learning plays an important role. For many years educational games are used to teach students and upcoming years virtual reality will dominate the game based learning.

Google Expeditions – A Virtual Reality Education App

Google is playing a great role in promoting Virtual Reality education and has started Google Expeditions, a great initiative to encourage teachers to bring their lessons in VR and create Virtual Reality field trips.

ImmersiveVREducation have created many virtual reality educational experiences like Apollo 1, Titans of Space and Mars is a Real Place to encourage learning through experience.

AlchemyVR, a virtual reality storytelling company, also partnered with Google to introduce Expedition programs in schools.

And not just big companies indie developers are also experimenting with Virtual Reality and developing educational games and experiences. Thousands of free VR apps are available on app stores which is a good sign that shows that people care about education and want to try new methods of teaching and learning.

Technology giants like Google, Facebook and Samsung are playing a great role in promoting Virtual Reality to masses and bringing it to the mainstream. In upcoming years, VR will surely dominate the education sector and we’ll see more and more great applications of Virtual Reality in Education.

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