VR Game Boogeyman Review

Boogeyman Review

Boogeyman VR Horror Game

VR Game Boogeyman is about a young boy named Thomas who, due to some unknown circumstances, moves into a new house. Much to his dismay, there’s a creature that haunts the house in the night.

A young girl Alyssa who used to live here before have kept her recordings in the house. In the recordings, she and her sister reveals the boogeyman, a beast that visits at the night for an opportunity to snack on them. She noticed that she had abandoned her trusty flashlight under the bed, the beast’s weakness. After the revealing truth of boogeyman’s weakness, Thomas stays up the night to shield himself from this relentless attacker with the Alyssa’s flash light.

Boogeyman Review

VR Game Boogeyman is a VR horror game which was released back in November 3rd, 2015 and developed by Barry McCabe. The game is playable with either keyboard and mouse, controller or VR headset.

Boogeyman VR Experience

Boogeyman VR is a game of struggling to survive at the night. The player controls Thomas a young boy who have just moved in the house and the only weapon he has to battle the boogeyman is Alyssa’s flash light. A girl named Alyssa who previously lived in the house fought off the boogeyman herself and informs through the tape recording on how to survive at the night and fight off the boogeyman.

Boogeyman VR Horror Game
source: steam.com

The initial couple of nights are tranquil but it gets creepy around the fourth night onwards. The boogeyman can enter Thomas’ room through four methods: The vent, the storeroom, the entryway and the window. On those events when the boogeyman isn’t available, there’s a high probability that he is hiding under the bed and this becomes a nuisance when new batteries for flash light are required as the additional batteries are underneath the bed. But there’s also a very low possibility that the batteries won’t be there.

Boogeyman VR Horror Game Room
source: steam.com

After each night, a player has to search the house for flash light again before starting the next night. However, during house exploration if a player is caught, all items will be reversed and reallocated to a different room of the house. The house has no major light source and sometimes it gets quite difficult to find stuff so a player must rely on limited lights and sound to cover up your ground and finds the flash light and other items.

Sound atmosphere

The only thing that will help in finding out the boogeyman is sound cues and taking in these signals will help in survival at the night. The sound cues is quite recognisable and unmistakable from each other so it is easier to hear and distinguish between different sounds.

Boogeyman VR Game
source: steam.com

However, on some nights when there’s a snowstorm, it becomes quite difficult to perceive from where the boogeyman will drown out as the sound of the storm is so loud that it becomes difficult to hear anything else.

This issue and the way that there are other diverting sounds similar to the background noise the TV makes will keep a player from listening to the boogeyman sound cues.

Difficulty modes

The game has three difficulties mode to choose from: easy, medium, and hard. The main contrast between each difficulty mode is the speed of battery utilization of flash light.

Scare moments

The game provides some scary moments and playing with VR makes it scarier. The game has some of the best sound effects and provides a scary atmosphere which adds up to uneasy tension.


  • Great graphics
  • Animation is quite decent
  • Tense and well-built atmosphere
  • Good jump scare
  • VR support


  • Restricted movement
  • Repetitive tasks and scary moments


VR game Boogeyman is available on steam for only $7.99 and it receives 9/10. Boogeyman will definitely make players have an exciting experience especially with VR as it intensifies the scare factor. As you can read in our Boogeyman Review that it is worth playing for every one who love horror games. Playing a VR horror game like Boogeyman provides for classic fashioned suspense and mind torture in a new way you can’t even imagine.

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