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When we talk about VR gaming, we usually refer to games like AFFECTED or Monowheels VR, you know the arcade type games with some stories and quests to complete. However, there is another interesting gaming genre that has recently made its way into the VR gaming and that is gambling.

Introducing Casino VR Poker, a VR Poker game that provide players a unique experience where they can play multiplayer Poker in virtual reality through their VR headset and that too absolutely free. The game is created by a San Francisco based team and it currently supports Oculus Rift and Gear VR.

VR Experience

Casino VR Poker
Casino VR Poker

Casino VR Poker provides a platform for virtual betting, support Gear VR and Oculus Rift. As players won’t be losing genuine cash, therefore they can stake “all-in” without any strategy. Although this distracts and takes away the strategy in the game but on the other hand it provides a fun play with friends and provides opportunity to try out different strategies against them. With nothing to lose and no genuine outcomes, there’s nothing to truly prevent players from gambling all the virtual money on each hand.

Watch Players as they make the Bluff

Players will find themselves sitting around with a bunch of only distressing disembodied heads. These disembodies heads represents each players with limited actions. Players can view the other players looking down at their cards and staring at the other players and shaking their head “no” as a sign to confuse each other. Players have to physically look down at their hands and the cards will appear on screen. The only person in the room who have hands is the dealer merchant and the developers have designed her quite well as she animates the dealing well enough.

Talk while Gambling in Casino VR Poker

Casino VR also support voice chat, which further lit up the VR experience. However, the voice chat is toggled off by default and in order to turn it on, player has to swipe on his touch pad. The voice chat is sufficiently clear and without having the capacity to physically view and study the faces of other Poker players, a player becomes highly dependent on verbal signals to judge the other whether they are bluffing or not. Unfortunately, players with experience at Poker may be able to judge by the quality of the voice but for a random new player it becomes difficult and prone to giving out clues to other players

Casino VR Poker hand
Casino VR Poker hand

Other than playing Poker, players can stroll around in the casino like a genuine one and play in one of the six tables. Players can even start a communication with different players at the table through the voice chat and reading their real-time gestures. These meaningful gestures can provide players with pieces of information on whether they are bluffing or not.


  • Real time Poker game
  • Easy interaction and movement
  • Online multiplayer support


  • Limited cues
  • Low graphics


Casino VR Poker is the only VR Poker game available till now. The key components of Casino VR Poker are not just with the utilization of virtual reality tech, but additionally the multiplayer mode too. The game has some lacking but still provides a decent Poker game that can be played along with friends in real time. You can download the Casino VR Poker Gear VR version from here and the Oculus Rift/Windows version from here.

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