Step forward in to the magical world of EVEREST VR built by the Sólfar Studios exclusively to HTC’s Vive headset released on 2nd August 2016. EVEREST VR provides unmatched visual graphics with players controlling their activity making it a journey that will soon not be forgotten.

Everest VR Review

The highest and deadliest mountain peak of the world, the Mount Everest, where mountain climbers come from every walk of life to challenge the impossible, defying the nature odds and sacrificing their lives to add the name in the list of the successful climbers. Now every person can embark on the journey to conquer Mount Everest without even moving from their home. The VR game EVEREST provides a new level of VR gaming to users. Take a look at what the VR game EVEREST VR has to offer in our EVEREST VR Review.

Everest VR Experience

The moment players put on their VR headset they are teleported to the base camp on the Mount Everest, where players get the sensational feeling that they are about to embark on a fatal journey. The first few minutes are taken up in figuring out the game’s controls, although standard for VR users but can take up time for the first time VR users.

EVEREST VR Experience
source: steam.com

VR game EVEREST VR will make players to walk alongside steep narrow cliffs and over ladder to cross a small ravine which provide players with breathtaking and dangerous experience, especially at the point when crossing a temporary extension that will make players feel like they are plunging to their demise.

Every scene begins and feel like a little theater and the players will first believe in a film being played on the screen which then suddenly turn into a reality. Players can sense the immense distances, scale and the beauty of the scenery before them. It’s a remarkable experience as players make the climb.

One of the most wonderful experience during the gameplay that we encountered during EVEREST VR review was the overnighting at Camp 4 as the players see tents lit up from within like these are minimal hued lamps spread over the snow. There was likewise another part with a great experience, where the players have to physically move inside their tent and in order to accomplish that the player has to physically change their stance.

source: steam.com

After advancing forward through the five fundamental scenes: Base Camp, the Khumbu Icefall, Camp Four, Hillary Step and the Summit players will unlock the “God Mode”, which enables the players to play as a sky scraping giant enabling to stroll around and examine the mountain and having the ability to look down upon at vast regions and incline in for a truly close look at the quality and detailing of the graphics of the Mount Everest.

Everest VR System Requirements

EVEREST VR requires a Windows PC with at minimum of Intel i5-4590 CPU or greater, 8GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 graphics card. In order to have the full experience of the breath taking moments in high quality textures an Intel i7-4790 or greater coupled with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 is required.


  • Great graphics
  • Beautiful and mesmerising vistas
  • Tense and well-built atmosphere


  • Very Linear
  • Limited climbing experience
  • Short game and costly
  • Slight replay value


EVEREST VR provides for a one-time immersive VR experience that is worth taking a shot at. It also shows off the capabilities of HTC’s Vive VR Headset and is a must to play for adventure enthusiast though it provides for a short game-play as it only includes climbing a single mountain. The EVEREST VR is available on steam for $24.99.

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