All You Need to Know About VR Game Monowheels – Review

Monowheels Review

Monowheels VR Game Review

Many indie game developers have been developing and testing VR games for the developer models of the headsets are now releasing their full games in 2016. A Brazilian developer, IMGNATION Studios has been developing a racing-combat game called “Monowheels VR” for the HTC Vive and possibly for the Oculus Rift, PSVR and Samsung Gear VR as well.

There has been a boom of new VR games being released ever since the release of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for consumers. Steam has the biggest collection of VR games compatible with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Monowheels Review

Monowheels VR features multiplayer monowheel bike racing with tracks set in a dystopian future as well. Here is all you need to know about VR Game Monowheels – Review.

Monowheels VR – Race to Fight

Monowheels VR is a racing-combat VR game being developed by IMGNATION Studios in Brazil. They are developing it for the HTC Vive with compatibility for the Oculus Rift and will also be released for PlayStation VR and Samsung Gear VR. IMGNATION Studios released an alpha gameplay footage on YouTube, make sure to check out their video here.

Monowheels VR
Monowheels VR

Monowheels VR combat racing game allows the player to drive a monowheel bike and race through tracks set in a dystopian futuristic setting. There may be a single player mode as well as a multiplayer mode which will be very popular among VR gamers. Combat is also a part of the gameplay. You can attack opponents with melee weapons as seen in the YouTube video.

Monowheels VR Gameplay and Features

The main purpose of all VR games and VR itself is immersion. In Monowheels VR, you will be able to drive your monobike in first-person perspective by holding the HTC Vive or Oculus Touch controllers in front of you just like how you hold the handles of a bike.

You will be able to look around while driving to peek at your opponents or take a glance at the environments. If you remember General Grievous’ bike in, Star Wars Episode 3, that’s how the monobikes in Monowheels VR will probably look like.

As seen in the alpha gameplay, you can attack your opponents with melee weapons by driving up close to them and hitting them with a hammer or some sort of melee weapon.

Monowheels VR Game
Monowheels VR Game

As of yet, no other news has been heard from IMGNATION Studios, so we cannot confirm which engine they are using to develop the game or of it will be only multiplayer or have a single player mode as well.

Release and Supported VR Headsets

IMGNATION Studios is currently developing Monowheels VR; it is still in its alpha stage. IMGNATION Studios has planned to release the game in mid-2017 but currently, no final date has been yet decided or announced. Still we are expecting and hoping for the game to be released in 2017.

Monowheels VR Combat Game
Monowheels VR

Monowheels VR is being developed for the HTC Vive and will surely be released through Steam. Monowheels VR will require the HTC Vive wand controllers for driving the vehicles. It looks like it might be compatible with Oculus Rift Touch controllers as well as with PlayStation VR Move controllers when the Sony VR headset will be launched. Some fans are also hoping for a Monowheels VR version for Samsung Gear VR as well.

IMGNATION Studio’s Monowheels VR will probably require a high-end gaming PC to run since that is required for the HTC Vive VR Headset. A high-end gaming PC means high frame rates which are important for VR and such gaming PC will be recommended to play Monowheels VR.

This is all you need to know about Monowheels VR. This racing and combat VR game has been discussed all over the internet and is probably on the wish list of many VR gamers and fans alike. We cannot wait for Monowheels VR to be released in mid-2017 and it will be a lot of fun to play it.

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