VR Game Mount Wingsuit Review

If you are a person who wants to try out a wingsuit ride but is afraid of heights, Mount Wingsuit VR gives you the perfect opportunity to have the total immersive VR experience of travelling down a mountain or falling of a cliff and flying your way down to the ground in a wingsuit. The game offers 20 different drop points including mountain tops, canyons, slopes etc. Overall, the game looks really promising and you are in for quite the surprise VR experience.

PC Specifications

  • Core i5-6500
  • 8GB DDR4
  • 250GB Samsung EVO 850
  • ZOTAC GTX 970

Mount Wingsuit VR Experience

The game starts from the 1st unlocked drop point – the Rookie Antenna. You find yourself standing on some sort of platform situated on top of an antenna of some sort (can’t say if it’s a mobile BTS or an electric tower). As soon as you start moving forward, the level begins. At first, I didn’t know what to do and so my 1st try ended up being killed at 0 score.

Mount Wingsuit VR Game Review
Mount Wingsuit VR Game Review

Next try, I was ready and saw the red ring makers. There were two markers placed adjacently, you can only go through one of them to determine your downhill path. I chose the left one as it seemed a bit easy for me.

Controls might be a bit tricky at first. I used Xbox 360 controller for it so had to get my combo right to make my flight good and go through the rings to complete my challenge. As I started to get good at it, the game somehow grew on me. From the first moment when I started playing the game, I spent a good 2 hours on it and there was only one reason behind it – to get good at it and try to get as much score as possible.

Mount Wingsuit
Mount Wingsuit

One thing I want to add is that normally people say that you get VR sickness as there’s a lot of motion involved in VR but for me, Mount Wingsuit VR experience was soothing. The background sound of high-speed air made it even more cool. Overall, it was a good first experience for me at this type of game.


If you are looking for a VR game with stunning graphics only, then Mount Wingsuit is not your typical VR game. The game does have good graphics but if you compare it with something like The Climb, then it is somewhat off.

Mount Wingsuit VR Game
Mount Wingsuit VR Game

However, the game has a lot of potential and the graphics can be improved in future updates. If you are looking for something fancy, I’d prefer to look for some other game as Mount Wingsuit’s core focus seems to deliver a thumping VR experience and they did it regardless of how the game looks like.


If you are someone who just jumped into the VR bandwagon, I suggest you to try out the Mount Wingsuit VR. You will see what VR is capable of and how a real-life experience can be thoroughly enjoyed in VR as well. But, if you are someone who has been playing AAA VR titles then this might not be a perfect choice for you.

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