YouTube Improves Livestreaming on iPhone

iOS YouTube livestreaming

YouTube is making big waves in the war for best livestreaming service and introducing some new features to counter Twitch and Microsoft’s Mixer livestreaming platforms. The company has started rolling out new updates today, mainly for the YouTube iOS app.

With the new features in place, iPhone users can use the YouTube mobile app to livestream from their mobile, a feature that was available on Android for quite some time but needed some extra support for Apple’s ReplayKit before it could work on iOS. Once the update is available, users can livestream their iPhone screens on YouTube and combine it with the phone mic and front facing camera to deliver a personalized touch to their streams.

To further improve the livestream experience, YouTube streamers are also getting a number of tools and features to improve chat interaction and user experience. For those who prefer real-time interaction with viewers, the company is introducing a new ultra-low latency streaming mode which reduces delay to around 2 seconds, making the chat interaction almost real-time.

Of course livestreaming can be hectic and combined with the internet trolls, the chat while livestreaming can become a dangerous place. For that, new mod tools are also being implemented which will allow streamers and moderators to better control the flow of text chat.

There is also a new automated system in place where streamers can opt-in for a review system which automatically holds potentially inappropriate messages as flagged by the system which the streamer or moderator can then decide whether to allow, hide or report.

However, despite these changes, it is going to be quite some time before YouTube can come close to Twitch when livestreaming is involved. The Amazon owned platform currently has more than 50% of livestreaming market share and continues to attract more viewers and potential streamers through exciting new additions like the Affiliate program and the recently announced Extensions which generate extra revenue for streamers through Amazon sales.

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